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Living the Dream in Germany

Der Japaner Yuki Ikei ist in dieser Saison der Leading Receiver der Adler (8 Spiele, 37 Catches, 407 Yards, 3 TDs). Seine Story ist so herausragend, dass Roger Kelly, Author bei, auf ihn aufmerksam wurde und ihm einen Text widmete. Den Anfang seiner Story lest ihr hier. Um den gesamten Text zu lesen mit vielen Zitaten von Adler Head Coach Eric Schramm, Defensive Coordinator Jag Bal, DB Joseph Cochanski und Yuki himself geht auf


Japanese Receiver Living the Dream in Germany With Berlin Adler

By Roger Kelly on 08/11/2015, Twitter: @RogerKelly18

Germany’s Berlin Adler may not be having a banner season, but there is at least one player on the team who is not hanging his head and waiting for the season to end.

After all, no one has traveled as far as Japanese wide receiver Yuki Ikei both in terms of distance and culture, on his own dime, to play football in Europe this season.

He has endured the language barrier (he spoke very little English and no German when he arrived), an injury, a mid-season wedding in Japan (it had been scheduled as per custom), a totally different culture and is still dying to get on the field every day.

And his are teammates watching him, some even adopting his habits.

One year ago the 26-year-old Ikei was playing football for the Obic Seagulls, the top team in the X League, Japan’s premier league.  He then made a decision that he wanted to try something totally different. He wanted to play in Europe, or more specificially, in Germany.

Adler head coach Erik Schramm was more than a little surprised to find himself with a Japanesereceiver in March. Ikei had sent him a Facebook message and two days later he suddenly arrived on Schramm’s doorstep, so to speak.

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